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  • Be Eager for Truth!

    Be Eager for Truth!

    I came across a lovely hymn I’d like to share with you, called “Lord, Write Your Truth.” It’s a “modern” hymn as I think it was only released in 2018! 🙂 And the man who wrote it is still alive unlike a lot of the hymns we sing 😉 Lord, Write Your Truthby Joe Henson,…

  • The Blessing of a Diary!

    The Blessing of a Diary!

    As we begin 2019, I want to take a moment to encourage you to consider writing in a diary this year! I began writing in a diary many years ago (though I have to admit there have been extended periods where I’ve only written very sporadically!). 😀 What largely inspired me to start keeping a…

  • Another Type of “Writing”

    Another Type of “Writing”

    If you read my very first blog post as author, then you’ll already know that I love playing and teaching music! 😀 Well in the last year or two, I’ve been blessed to explore another part of music with my teacher, Amanda Tero–arranging!! I wanted to share a recording of me playing one of my…