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  • Nearly Two Months Already!!

    Nearly Two Months Already!!

    I can hardly believe that it’s nearly been two months since I released Jayne’s Endeavour!! It’s seems so strange when I think of it! 😉 For so long, I just imagined publishing my first novel and now . . . it’s actually done! And the good news is, I now feel more refreshed and invigorated…

  • Are You Cultivating Joy Killers?!

    Are You Cultivating Joy Killers?!

    I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy Down in my heart, Down in my heart to stay. But do we? If we’re honest, all too often we don’t feel joyful. Instead we’re bogged down with cares, worries, or even complaints. Or at least I know I am! If we find ourselves in a spot where…

  • Joy to the Fullest

    Joy to the Fullest

    I’ve only read The Hiding Place once or twice, but it is a book that has stuck in my memory quite vividly. Some books you read and forget, but not this one.   While The Hiding Place certainly was anything but a pleasant, feel-good read, I’m super glad that I read it. How God worked in Corrie and…