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  • Five Fall Favourites Day 4: Hope!

    Five Fall Favourites Day 4: Hope!

    Welcome back to day 4! I love the category for today–HOPE! As believers we have every reason to be full of hope–no matter what. Because in God, our future is sure. It’s such a beautiful sunny Autumn day–the sun is shining, the sky is a delightful shade of blue with a few fluffy clouds, and…

  • Joy to the Fullest

    Joy to the Fullest

    I’ve only read The Hiding Place once or twice, but it is a book that has stuck in my memory quite vividly. Some books you read and forget, but not this one.   While The Hiding Place certainly was anything but a pleasant, feel-good read, I’m super glad that I read it. How God worked in Corrie and…