Spring, Gardens, and Books!

I’ve been planting some herb seeds for my herb garden, since spring is definitely in the air!! Warm, sunny days are here with the sweet smell of blossoms and bright yellow wattle. 😀

Here’s what my herb garden looks like at the moment:

I know! It’s not much of a “herb” garden since it currently doesn’t have any plants in it. But it will soon, I hope! 😀 Right now it’s more of a chicken and turkey pen, but they’ll be getting kicked out permanently very soon! 😛 I’ve got a number of herbs in pots that are more than ready to plant. Plus I’ve just planted seeds in punnets which I’m eagerly awaiting to sprout! I’ll have to post a picture when my herb garden has some plants in it. 🙂


Planting in the spring makes me feel just like Jayne Reid. 😀

Jayne felt that the last day of winter was a fitting day to begin work on their spring garden. In her mind, she went over what they needed to plant: potatoes, pumpkins, corn, peas, beans, cabbage, and carrots. The list felt daunting, but they had to eat. — Jayne’s Endeavour, Chapter 15

My older brother’s sheep have been lambing–another sign of new life! Sometimes a lamb gets stuck, and we have to bring the lambs and mother sheep up to the wool shed to keep an eye on them. Other times we find an “orphan” in the paddock and bring it up to adopt it onto another mother. They are super cute! The lambs in the picture are actually our lambs from last year 😉 (Thanks to my sister, Johanna, for the photo!)


Jayne glanced over her shoulder to see what had happened to the abandoned lamb. It was far back, still near the shrubs where they had left it. Baaing for its mother, the lamb rose to stand on wobbly legs, then plopped back to the ground. — Jayne’s Endeavour, Chapter 9

Living on a sheep farm, is perfect for helping me with my writing! I get to participate in and experience the same kind of things that Jayne did living on her parents’ land selection in 19th century Australia. Only I’m glad that I don’t have quite the pressure and experiences she did!

On another note, it was my birthday earlier this month and of course what does an author put on their birthday present list–books!


Each of the books are about real people and events (I can’t recommend them yet as I haven’t read them) 😀 One is set in Russia, one in Germany, and one in Cambodia. I enjoy reading books that are based on true events and the lives of real people. While it’s sad to hear what people had to suffer through, it is also encouraging to see how God provided for them, giving them the strength to endure horrible trials. I’m currently reading Children of the Storm, and it’s been good so far! Have you read any of these books?

Do like gardening? What do you like to grow the best? It’s amazing seeing life springing forth from such tiny seeds. God is a truly amazing Creator. 😀

“Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.” Joel 2:23


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  1. Ruthann S. Avatar
    Ruthann S.

    Yay for gardening!! My yard would probably eventually be one big flower garden if I could The Lambs were soooo dear…I would just love to hold one! And my sister bought “Children of the Storm” and I read the majority of it

    1. That sounds like it would be a lovely yard!! I’m constantly amazed at God’s beautiful creation!! We moved farms last year and were blessed with a huge native flower garden and rows of native cut flowers. 😀 So there are always lots of new things to discover! Lambs are lovely–we have more in the paddock at the moment. And that’s wonderful that you’ve read Children of the Storm too. 🙂

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