I thought it would be handy to take a moment to share what’s not in my novels. That probably sounds weird! Who wants to know about what’s not included in something?!!? But bear with me!  😀 The post with what is included is coming soon. 😉

So without further delay, here’s a look at what you won’t find in Jayne’s Endeavour (or any of my novels).

x  swearing/blaspheming

x  immoral behaviour

juvenile boy/girl relationships

x  magic

x  strong emphasis on romance

x  sinful attitudes promoted as good

x  extreme violence

The absence of these things makes for a more enjoyable and encouraging read for you (at least that’s my aim!) and as my website’s theme verse says: “Prove all things, hold fast that which good.” I Thessalonians 5:21

It’s important to me to honour God with my writing.


That’s about it for what’s not included in my novels.  Stay tuned to find out what is included next week! 😀

On a side note, a couple of weeks ago, my family and I went to a pioneer tourist attraction a few hours away from where I live called Sovereign Hill. 😀

© NZSTEAM Flickr

It’s set in the Gold Rush period (the 1850’s) which is about 20 years earlier than when the JOY Series takes place. This makes Sovereign Hill a great research experience!

We got to go to several demonstrations–wheel making, gold pouring, lolly making (and tasting :D), a mounted trooper talk/demonstration, and we even went down a mine! To finish off the day, we all went gold panning in the creek and found some real gold! 😀 I always find it inspiring to walk through the shops and and look through the cottages and huts. Even though the time period is slightly early than when I’m writing, it helps me imagine more what it would have been like for Jayne and her sisters–from the crunching sound of horses hooves, the swishing of ladies full skirts, the dusty streets, and the dim shops lined with all manner of items. Hopefully each visit leaves me with fresh ideas for bringing Jayne’s world to life!

© NZSTEAM Flickr
© NZSTEAM Flickr

And something else that is really cool, is that one of the shops used to be my relatives’ shop–The Clarke Brother’s Tinsmith Shop. That’s not their actual shop in the picture. It’s located further up the street, but I couldn’t find a picture. My nana remembers visiting the shop when she was younger (it was her uncle’s shop, I think). 😀 That’s one of the good things about grandparents–they have so many interesting stories to tell. It’s amazing how much things can change from one generation to the next.

© NZSteam flickr

Have you ever visited a pioneer village? What was your favourite part? Hope you’re all having a wonderful week! 😀


7 responses to “Nope, None of That!”

  1. Praise the Lord! So many books are passed off as “Christian” and yet between their covers there are unwholesome elements.

    How much fun that pioneer town look!!! Perfect for getting the feel of your time period ; D

    1. Yes, that is the sad reality 🙁 But the best adventures are the adventures that have God at the centre!

      It certainly is a fun place to visit! I’ve been going there since I was little. 😀 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Caitlin Compton Avatar
    Caitlin Compton

    This is wonderful! Great post. We need more books on the market that truly honour God. Keep up the great work, sis! 🙂 Well, yes I have gone to a pioneer village, but I was with you, so I won’t comment on that. 😉

    1. Haha! 😀 Thanks for the encouragement, Caitlin ❤

  3. Wonderful! I know I’ll be checking them out! Never thought of doing this kind of post. You just gave me some ideas for the new year!

    Wow, looking at that town is almost like looking at 1860s America! Not a whole lot of difference, especially with the clothes. And our Gold Rushes happened about the same time! Ours began in 1849!

  4. I’m glad my post was able to give you some ideas for your own blog! I enjoy getting your posts in my inbox each week. 😀 They’ve been a source of inspiration for me as well. Your posts are a fun way to learn some history!

    I believe that there were quite a number of diggers who came from the Californian goldfields to the Australian goldrush, and they were able to share their expertise with the less experienced. I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but one of the shops even says “California Tent Maker” on the facade! 😀

  5. That is too neat! America and the British Empire cannot escape each other, lol! 😉

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