Jayne’s Endeavour

A tale of mystery and intrigue set in 19th century Australia . . .

As she peered more intently into the darkness, adrenaline made her hold tighten on the wood. Straining her neck to catch another movement, Jayne waited. A minute dragged by, but still she saw nothing. The wood grew heavier in her arms, and her inactivity made the coldness seem worse. With a shrug she moved on with hurried steps. No doubt it had just been a kangaroo. Chapter 5, Jayne's Endeavour
"Filled with faith, some excitement, and wonderful characters, this story helped bring the earlier days of Australia to life. I really liked the setting with mentions of kangaroos and birds I’d never heard of. The use of Australian terms for things gave the story a unique and special feel. I really appreciate the way the author wove in the Christianity into the story. It was real and a part of who Jayne and her sisters were."
Rebekah Morris, Author and Blogger


Mysterious strangers, a Scripture verse, and a threat.

“Reids never give up.” The words once held so much truth. But at eighteen, Jayne Reid is beginning to wonder if she can live up to that standard.

When puzzling strangers appear and odd things start to happen, Jayne and her two younger sisters must find a solution—or lose everything.

What mystery lurks in the shadows of the Australian bush? Who is the man in town who thinks he can buy and bully anyone he wishes? And is it all somehow connected with their new farmhand?

Journey with Jayne as she struggles to change fear into boldness and boldness into a trusting relationship with her Heavenly Father. What adventure lies ahead?

Life in 19th century Australia overflows with hardship . . . Will Jayne have the courage to find the answers?

Recommended for ages 12 +

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"This book was indeed perfectly and refreshingly clean. I loved the message, all about trusting God and finding joy—it’s one I relate to a lot . . . This book was very well written, especially for a historical fiction, and it is very Australian. I highly recommend it and I am so eager to get my hands on Book 2!!"
Katja L.
A Father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in His holy habitation. Psalm 68:5

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"Jayne’s Endeavour is a sweet story of joy, trust, hope, and family. I enjoyed reading the 19-century tale of Australian farm life . . . The struggles of the girls, their dependence on God, and the bits of mystery and danger throughout the book wove together into an encouraging and inspiring story."
Erika Mathews, author and blogger