Five Fall Favourites Day 1: Adventure!

Hello and welcome to the very first day of this year’s Autumn-themed book party!! Each day for the next week, myself and multiple other girls are going to be sharing five of our favourite books with you from five genres! It’s going to be a heap of fun (thanks Rebekah and Erika for organising the blog party!).

The nights can be a bit chilly as winter is approaching (at least in the Northern Hemisphere! 😉 ), so feel free to grab a blanket and snuggle up on the porch under the stars with a new favourite book. I’ve got a few lanterns ready too if you need some extra light to read by! 😉

And now, without further ado, it’s time to share some favourite books!!

Five Fall Favourites: Day 1–Adventure

‘Til We Meet Again: A Memoir of Love and War by Ray and Betty Whipps with Craig Borlase

Ray and Betty Whipps both served in Europe during WWII: Ray as an infantryman under General Patton in the trenches of Normandy, Paris, and Belgium, and Betty as a field nurse in Cherbourg, France. The two met when Betty tended to Ray after he was injured in a mortar blast. Both strong Christians, the two bonded over their shared faith, and as Betty nursed Ray back to health, they fell in love and vowed to marry after the war. However, soon after Ray returned to his unit, he was captured by German forces and held captive in Stalag VII, Germany’s largest prisoner of war camp. It was there that Ray’s faith was put to the ultimate test as he endured the most horrific weeks of his life—weeks marked by brutality, malnutrition, back-breaking labor, and near-constant death. The only thing that kept him alive was the dream of someday reuniting with Betty.

This is one of my all-time favourite books! It reads like a novel (only it’s a true story) and the author’s writing is fantastic! 😀 It’s tastefully done–war is painted as horrible, but it isn’t too graphic. I’m not a romance reader, and there wasn’t anything in this book that I felt was really inappropriate or unnecessary (or at least not that I remember!!). If you’re after an encouraging and intriguing read, I definitely recommend checking this one out.

The Boy Colonel: A Soldier Without a Name by John J. Horn

“Edmund, do you understand, this is not what I want?  I was born for war, I have lived my life in war, and I will very likely die in war. But,” his voice lifted in the clear air, passion swelling his tones, “I do not intend it to be this war!”

The year is 1836. A mysterious young English soldier known as the ”Boy Colonel” commands a crack regiment in the snowy wastelands of Siberia. No one knows his history. No one knows his name. The Cossacks want him dead — but are they the only ones? It seems his worst enemy may wear an English uniform.

The Boy Colonel strives to perform his duty, but when that duty becomes mixed he must decide which sovereign is greater — the king of England, or the God of the Bible. Treachery, intimidation, and deceit block his path. His choice of allegiance may mean the difference between life and death. Is he prepared to risk all to protect his loved ones?

If you’re a lover of wholesome adventure that will encourage you to walk uprightly no matter the personal cost, then this book is for you! All of John J. Horn’s books are certainly jam-packed with adventure. So if you’re looking for a series full of action and humour that is unapologetically God-centred, definitely check the “Men of Grit” series out! 😀 The Boy Colonel is book #2 (but I accidentally read it first 😛 ) and is my favourite of the series.

Thrilling Escapes by Night by Albert Lee

“They talk in that manner of the godly man under our roof! Herman, do you realize Master Tyndale’s danger?” “I do, Mother, but we must save him. That man must not find him! And yet, what can we do? What has anyone ever done, when those wolfhounds of the Inquisition were on the trail?” A fictionalised account of a part of William Tyndale’s life. Portrays the risks he encountered in his efforts to have the Bible printed in the English language.

It’s been a number of years since I read this novel, but I remember that it was exactly what the title indicates–thrilling! And with things as they currently are in the world, it’s a timely reminder to be prepared to stand steadfast no matter the personal cost.

Hostage Lands by Douglas Bond

When a modern-day English school boy happens upon an ancient Latin text, readers of Hostage Lands are transported back to third century Britain and into a tale of intrigue and adventure along the northern frontier of the Roman Empire.

I think this is my favourite of the Douglas Bond books that I’ve read. I wasn’t super keen on the start, but once it went back into ancient times, I enjoyed the story-line much better. From memory I enjoyed this glimpse into a time-period I don’t normally choose to read about. And I think it’s time for me to do a re-read!! 😀

“The Baker Family Adventures Series” by C.R. Hedgecock

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Baker and their four children: responsible Phil, sensible Abby, daring Andy, and inquisitive Tom. The Bakers are a Christian family who love serving and helping others, but they have a knack for finding adventure while they’re at it!  

People sometimes think a Christian’s life is rose beds and sunny skies. But when the thorns start jabbing and the sun starts burning — that’s when the true test of character comes. The Bakers must deal with mysteries, kidnappers, buried treasures, and more, with each challenge forcing them to grow in courage and learn important lessons in godliness.

C.R. Hedgcock is one of my favourite authors!! I’ve always loved mystery and adventure novels, but unfortunately so many leave out God and parental authority. These books can be counted on to be clean, intriguing, and full of characters who, though imperfect, find their hope and guidance in God and His Word. For my thoughts on the series as a whole, read this post. Also, if you’re an Australian, these books can be purchased in Australia from my family’s website here!

And because it’s a book party, there of course needs to be a fun book-themed giveaway!! 😀 A paperback copy of my novel, Jayne’s Endeavour, is included as part of the prize along with 4 other paperbacks, a Five Fall Favourites book bag, and an Amazon gift card. And the best part is that the giveaway is open to international entrants too (an international winner will receive ebooks and the gift card, but no physical items). So be sure to go ahead and enter!!

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Well that’s it from me for today!! Do you have a favourite “adventure” book? Be sure to let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see what the next fun genre is!

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37 responses to “Five Fall Favourites Day 1: Adventure!”

  1. It’s a chilly morning here right now, so I accept your blanket. 🙂
    That first book sounds very good. I need to see if I can find a copy. And I’ve read one of the Baker Family Adventure books.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hope it kept you nice and warm! 😉 And I also hope you get to read Til We Meet Again sometime soon. It’s definitely worth a read!

  2. Ohhh, great picks, Lauren!! I haven’t read any of those but I am SOLD! Particularly on Boy Colonel and ‘Til We Meet Again 😉 Thanks for sharing!!

    1. 😀 Glad you like them, Katja! I hope you get to read both of those sometime soon.

  3. The Boy Colonel, Thrilling Escapes by Night, Hostage Lands – yes, yes, yes!! *high five* excellent choices.

    1. It’s fun that you like those three too! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. SawyerMarie Avatar

    I love that theme! Blankets
    Wonderful post

    1. 😀 Haha! All this talk about blankets is making me feel tired! 😛 It’s spring here, but it sometimes still feels more like winter! So definitely still cold enough to snuggle up in a cozy blanket.

  5. I love the Baker Family Adventures!

    1. So do we!! They’ve been read many times through by some of my younger siblings!

  6. Annalissa L. Avatar
    Annalissa L.

    I haven’t read any of these; but they all so so, so good! And Douglas Bond! He’s been on my TBR for years. I’ve only read his Mr. Pipes books (which are wonderful xd) *adds all the books to her tbr*

    1. I hope you find some new favourites then! I haven’t read many of Douglas Bond’s books myself, but I know we own one of the Mr Pipes books. 😀

  7. Lydia Coral W Avatar
    Lydia Coral W

    Wow, these look amazing!! Especially The Boy Colonel 😀 I really enjoy the Baker Family Adventures too!! (I’ve read up to Treacherous Trail – my favourite so far :D)
    Hmm… if I had to pick ONE favourite adventure book, I couldn’t XD But some of them are:
    Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
    The Coral Island; The Gorilla Hunters; The Young Fur Traders; The Wild Man of the West, all by R.M. Ballantyne
    Another I really really liked (and need to reread) is A Cabin in the Clearing by Edward S. Ellis
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! <3

    1. Lydia Coral W Avatar
      Lydia Coral W

      *The Cabin in the Clearing, sorry XD

    2. Oh! That’s fun to know you enjoy the Baker Family Adventures too! I have a few I still need to read (including the Treacherous Trail!). I think Book 2 and Book 5 are my favourites so far.

      Thank you for sharing some of your favourite adventure books with me! I’ll have to look up The Cabin in the Clearing! 😉

  8. Ruthann Joy Avatar
    Ruthann Joy

    The first book and the last series really looked good! Thanks for the great suggestions!
    P.s. I love super soft blankets and have currently been buying them for everyone for birthdays

    1. I hope you get to read some of them! You’re welcome–I love get to share good books with people!! 😀 Oh! That sounds lovely–just right for cold wintry days.

  9. I love the Baker Family Adventures! I don’t usually buy a lot of books for myself, but whenever a new one of them comes out, I have to get it A.S.A.P. Also, Thrilling Escapes by Night has long been a favorite of mine!

    1. Another Baker Family fan!! Yes, we are always keen to buy the next one too! It’s fun that you enjoy Thrilling Escapes by Night–I need to re-read some of these books myself! 😀

  10. Grace Elizabeth Avatar
    Grace Elizabeth

    *cuddles into a blanket and starts reading all these books* These all look great!

    1. 😀 Hope you don’t get too sleepy! Maybe you’ll find a new favourite!

  11. Definitely getting to the time of year where blankets feel good, Lauren! I haven’t read any of these, but I remember reading a book that mentioned “Thrilling Escapes By Night”! Kind of fun to see it here 😉

    1. Yes! Autumn is my favourite season–but the weather certainly starts to get a little nippy! 😀 Oh, that’s kind of fun that you’ve read a book that mentions Thrilling Escapes by Night!! Now you’ll have to read it sometime! 😉

  12. Kylie Hunt Avatar
    Kylie Hunt

    These all look like exciting reads!

    1. 😀 I hope you get to read some of them!

  13. Ooooh, I’m thinking I’m due a reread of The Boy Colonel! I have Til We Meet Again, Thrilling Escapes by Night, and Hostage Lands on my to be read pile now! And, C.R. Hedgcock’s books are so so so good!

    1. 😀 Talking about favourite books does make you want to re-read them!! Great!! I hope you enjoy them.

  14. Rachel T Taylor Avatar
    Rachel T Taylor

    I have added the first three books to my tbr. Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. 😀 That makes me happy! You’re welcome!!

  15. Courtenay Burden Avatar
    Courtenay Burden

    Ooo! I’m going to remember these titles!

    1. Hope you get the opportunity to read some of them!! 😉

  16. CutePolarBear Avatar

    I’ve heard many good things about The Boy Colonel. And ‘Til We Meet Again: A Memoir of Love and War immediately caught my attention; a true story set during WWII? Sign me up!


    1. So now you’ll really have to read it 😉 And you should definitely read ‘Til We Meet Again sometime! I agree! I love reading WWII stories–especially when they are true.

  17. HistoryGirl Avatar

    I was so excited to see the books you had picked! I haven’t read any of them, but they look amazing!

    1. 😀 It’s fun that they are all books you haven’t read yet! You’ll have to remedy that 😛

  18. Kenzie O'Brennan Avatar
    Kenzie O’Brennan

    “‘Til We Meet Again” and “Boy Colonel” sound sooo interesting! I’ve read the first few books in “The Baker Family Adventures” series! So good! I need to finish that series! *heart eyes*

    1. They are!! You should definitely try to read both of them sometime! 😀

      And I agree–the Baker Family Adventures are really good!

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