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  • Stories From the Past

    Stories From the Past

    As a historical author, I obviously have a love of history related things! πŸ˜€ That can take the form of reading other historical novels, visiting a pioneer village, learning about historic people and events, reading historical plaques when I visit places, or perusing displays of old-fashioned items. And old photographs are definitely intriguing (because a…

  • Little Blessings

    Little Blessings

    Some days you just can’t help but sing and smile all day long! πŸ˜€ Yet other days, everything seems to be falling in around you. πŸ™Β  But it’s through trials that God strengthens and refines us. If we look hard enough, even on the hard days there are many things to be thankful for. At…

  • A Special Song

    A Special Song

    Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite songs. In the above video it’s performed by my piano teacher and fellow author, Amanda Tero and her sister, Elizabeth. “Bow the Knee” has been one of my favourite songs since I first heard the Tero sisters’ video on Youtube! I even purchased the…