Blog Tour: Preacher on the Run (Interview, Review, + Exclusive Giveaway)

So today I get to participate in my first blog tour (other than the one I did for Jayne’s Endeavour of course 😉 )! Make sure you keep reading to the end as I have two giveaways on offer for you today!!

Preacher on the Run

Series: For Liberty & Conscience #1
Genre: Christian historical fiction
Length: 326 pages
Age range: 13+ or parental guidance (violence)


North Carolina, 1771
Robert Boothe has spent the last four years leading the tyrant-hating Regulators in standing against North Carolina’s corrupt British government. Just being an unlicensed dissenter preacher is enough to make Robert a target, but he refuses to back down from his conscience. Aside from a sympathetic court justice, the village of Ayen Ford has no other champion for its poor and defenseless.

Then Charles Drake, emissary of His Excellency William Tryon, comes to town with one ambition: winning the governor’s favor, no matter what it takes. And Robert Boothe just might be his last chance.

All Robert wants is a safe place for his little Baptist church to live and worship God. But the established church wants him to shut up. The governor’s men want him dead. And that safe place is farther and farther away.

You can run, but you can’t hide . . .

First up I have a lovely interview with the author, Jayna 😀

Who is your favourite character in Preacher on the Run and why?

I like all of my characters in one way or another, but my favorite is probably Alec Perry. He wasn’t in my original outline at all. Then one day I needed a Regulator leader, and almost instantly this rangy, hard-edged fighter with a past said, “Here I am, write me!” So I did. I love the force of his personality, the way he plays off other characters, and where his storyline went. I also loved how I clearly I could “hear” his dialogue in my head.

Oh! That’s a great choice. Alec is one of my favourites too!! I love his go-get-it personality and also watching him struggle with a past that he keeps trying to push aside, but can’t 😀

Have you always liked writing? What made you decide to write a novel?

I’ve been making up stories for as long as I can remember. Other than school assignments, basically all my writing dreams had to do with books, so a novel was the natural outcome. I don’t think I realized how much work goes into a full-length novel, though!

Haha! It’s probably just as well, otherwise you might have been a little reluctant to get started on it! 😉

Do you have a fun or particularly special author/writing related memory?

At a concert years ago, I told a favorite singer I was writing a book with a character loosely inspired by him. He said he was honored and wanted to read it when it was done. I also have lots of great memories of brainstorming with friends and family, tossing ideas back and forth (with the theory that crazy ideas make me come up with good ideas out of self-defense). A favorite “just-published” memory is of the first time I saw Preacher on the Run in our local library—right next to a book by one of my favorite best-selling authors. That was a pretty cool moment. 😊

Those are some lovely memories! I can relate to brainstorming with family! Often chatting about things–and having all these ideas come up that aren’t quite what you were thinking–has a way of triggering wonderful ideas!!

What lessons do you hope for readers to learn from Preacher on the Run?

I wanted to show it’s never right for people to be persecuted for what they believe. Whether or not a reader agrees with my characters’ beliefs, what they believed historically did affect what happened to them. The theme of religious freedom led to the hero’s favorite line: “The truth will hold its own.” If you’re believing the truth, you don’t have to force it on people—truth can defend itself. But what I hope people understand most is that God offers us all the free choice of what we’ll do with Christ.

I love that! It’s so freeing to know that the truth can hold its own. That is something I have definitely taken away from reading this novel. So thank you! 🙂 And yes, you wove the need for a Saviour so clearly throughout the book.

What is your favourite research tool?

Interlibrary loan! I don’t know what I would do without the Michigan eLibrary Catalog, Melcat for short. One book I borrowed multiple times was Breaking Loose Together: The Regulator Rebellion in Pre-Revolutionary North Carolina by Marjoleine Kars. Another great resource was The Regulators of North Carolina: A Documentary History, compiled by William S. Powell. There’s more information on both of these books at the end of Preacher on the Run.

They sound like a treasure trove of information! The Regulator Rebellion is such an interesting part of US history (and one I really didn’t know about prior to this book!).

What has God taught you through the writing of Preacher on The Run?

I’ve realized over and over that I’m glad I’m not God! I can barely keep a handful of people and plots straight for fifty chapters. He has to deal with billions of people over entire millennia—and His characters are even more willful than mine! More seriously, though, He’s taught me He can do anything. For years, nothing came of my publishing dreams. But when it was time, God opened door after door, from financial resources to formatting advice to a free professional-grade edit. I started this book a few years ago, so I was surprised at how perfectly it fits the times we’re living in now. Seeing God work like that really strengthened my faith, even when He closed doors. And it taught me you can’t force things before their time. That’s a lesson that has already helped me as I trudge through the sequel. “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

Haha! 😛 Characters and plot-lines can be hard to keep track of for sure! They have a habit of getting out of line.

We serve a God who truly is able. His timing is always perfect, and it’s so lovely to see the timeliness of this novel’s publication as one example of that.

Thank you so much for the lovely interview, Jayna!

Alrighty! Now for the first giveaway! Jayna has given me the privilege of hosting an exclusive e-book giveaway on my blog!

An Exclusive Novels That Encourage E-book Giveaway!

And as a bonus, I might even add in a free ebook copy of Jayne’s Endeavour as part of the prize! How’s that for a 2 for 1 deal?! 😀

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My Review:

Preacher on the Run is such a thought provoking, worthwhile read! I’m truly glad to have had the opportunity to read about the Regulators and their stand for freedom and truth.

While it took a number of chapters for me to really connect with the characters and get involved with the plot, as the book progressed I became more interested in the story and the plight of the characters. I still have a few more chapters to go, and I’m eager to find out what happens next!! 😀

One of the things that I really love is the imperfectness of the characters. Even the main character, Robert Boothe, has his fair share of flaws and personal challenges to overcome (rather than being the oh-so-perfect kind of hero!). And it’s clearly displayed that his own strength is not enough to save the day, making the book richer.

Men’s duty to protect their families, stand for the truth, and put others before themselves is also portrayed wonderfully. 😀 And it’s refreshing to see Boothe’s wife being supportive of his efforts! Families working together is too rare–both in fiction and reality.

There are a few things I feel the need to mention for this review to be entirely honest. 😉 One is that there are some exclamations that I personally felt uncomfortable with. I also felt unsettled by some of the interactions between Boothe and his wife. While I don’t have a problem with kissing/hugging between married couples in books, I just didn’t feel comfortable with how some of this was portrayed. There were also some comments relating to the English soldiers/women that were distasteful to me. While I know that this kind of thing is accurate to the setting (and Jayna didn’t go into details), it isn’t my preference to have these things mentioned in a novel that’s intended for this age range. 🙂

All that aside, this is a book that I think will stick with me, even after the final chapters. And I’m already looking forward to reading book 2! “The truth will hold it’s own!” I hope that Jayna continues to write books that so amazingly weave in man’s need of salvation and the hope that can be found only through Jesus.

Author Bio

Jayna Baas (pronounced as in “baa, baa, black sheep”) lives in northern Michigan with a great family of real people and the family of pretend people who live in her head. (Yes, she does know her characters are not real. No, she does not want you to tell them she said so.) She is notorious for working on several projects at once and writing her series in the wrong order. She hones her craft amid loud southern gospel music and an embarrassing number of composition books, and is convinced God wired her to write—she can’t not write, even though she believes German writer Thomas Mann was correct in saying, “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than for other people.” She enjoys writing and reading in a wide range of genres, but her favorite story is this: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Connect with Jayna

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This is certainly turning into a marathon post!! So if you’ve stuck with me all the way down to here–well done! 😉 And now for the second giveaway I mentioned!

Click here to enter! All entrants will receive free recipes from the colonial era!

And last but not least . . . Here’s the blog tour schedule, so you can continue to join in the fun! 😀

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Thanks for stopping by and joining in the blog tour fun!! Who wants to read Jayna’s book?! 😀 I know I’ve enjoyed being able to read it aloud with my sisters.


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    1. Thanks, Leona. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed my review and the interview. I had fun putting the post together and getting to be a part of the tour!! 😀

  2. Hm, it sounds intriguing! American Revolution books are a hit or miss for me, so I’d like to try it and see what I think 🙂 I love the cover!

    1. Yes! You should give it a try 😀 I love the cover too!!!

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  8. I LOVED this book! Wasn’t it great?? I’m SO looking forward to the second book coming out =)

    1. I loved the different themes woven throughout the book! 😀 And I’m going to be on the lookout for book 2!

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